Vetrazzo: Launching A New Brand With A Sustainable Story


When I think about great information design, I think of you guys. And this [] was one of those sites. The more I looked at it, and the more I wrote about it, the more I liked it. Congrats to you for creating something so memorable. Sue Garibaldi, Tech Editor, Communication Arts Design Interact

Recycled products can be more than just ‘do good,’ they can be gorgeous.

People are drawn to Vetrazzo because of its beauty – each piece is literally unique, a work of art. But Vetrazzo owners also feel good about their choice because 100% of the glass used is recycled.

Core elements of the overall brand strategy developed with FINE are aimed at both the architecture/interior design community and homeowners. It includes the distinctive Vetrazzo mark – a type treatment that echoes the appearance of the recycled surfaces – along with a website that creates an art gallery-like venue for the narrative behind their products.