Robert Mondavi Wines: The Most Venerated Name In Wine Comes To Life Online


W3 Awards: Food & Beverage Website

WMA: 2010 "Beverage Standard for Excelence" Award

Whatever you do, pour yourself into it. Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi’s passion and vision had a profound influence on American culture.

When industry giant Constellation Brands bought the Robert Mondavi family of wine brands for a whopping $1.2 billion, it made a big statement about how much equity the Mondavi name had built while Robert Mondavi was helping to build Napa Valley and the American wine and food culture we know today. Along with perhaps 1 or 2 other famous wine and foodie folks, you can probably thank Mr. Mondavi for the fact that our Wonder Bread and Kool-Aid culture has been infused with a little more food and wine sophistication, including everything from organics to the Food Network.

The new winery website is the first time his vision of a populist wine and food culture has ever been presented in one consolidated public venue. It takes you through the timeline of how his vision evolved, integrates the on-site events and educational programs that helped make his ideas accessible. It’s peppered with his best quotes and ideas, and back-ended with a CMS to keep it all fresh. And above all, it creates a brand platform for the winery, using everything from color palette to navigation to content and imagery, where everyday wine and expensive wine can co-exist in an unified vision of gracious living.

Somewhere, and we don’t just mean on the home page, Mr. Mondavi is tossing back one of his nice Cabs and smiling.