Norton Cybercrime Index: Real-Time Reports From The Battle Against The Bad Guys


Symantec is very appreciative of the incredible amount of effort FINE put into building the Cybercrime Index. The results were spectacular. Travis Wilkins, Global Brand Manager

The Norton Cybercrime Index (“CCI”) is a free tool available to the public via and other link points. It measures and warns cyber-citizens about real-time cybercrime happening around the world and how it can affect them. You’ll see it displayed in on-location installations in places like London and New York’s Times Square. The intent is to provide more visibility into the daily battle against cybercrime.

The immersive Flash-based web experience, with a swirling orb graphical device meant to create order out of the chaos of the digital world, is driven by Norton’s authoritative cybercrime data sources, refreshed in real-time or regular intervals. To gauge progress over time, an actual index number is calculated daily to reflect movement in trends in real activity, not unlike what you might expect from the Dow Jones or other indexes that consumers monitor regularly. A daily headline indicates the day’s top threat, and tells you what to do to avoid it. Rotating WOW points give an immediate read on cybercrime status. And all information is architected and organized into meaningful levels of access. Users have the ability to intuitively get to the ‘Deep Data’.

The front-end design and UI was made to engage users in what might otherwise be deceptively dull infographics. It uses a morphing series of orbs to move users fluidly between topics, while emphasizing the order Norton creates out of the chaos of the digital world. The application is built to support embedded access to a Flash application and fluid mobile experience. To connect this front-end to the myriad back-end data sources that drive the tool, a middleware layer was constructed and implemented.

The net result is a tool that should prove invaluable to Norton in relaying its brand message about fighting back against cybercrime, even as it helps consumers understand the severity of the issue and compels them away from indifference.

The promotional effort around this important new tool is justifiably significant, beginning with a PR blitz and outreach, and extending to extensive online advertising, and even a presence on the jumbo screens at New York’s Times Square. The Norton Cybercrime Index secured tremendous broadcast attention, including an interview with Adam Palmer, Norton’s Lead Cybersecurity Advisor, on Fox News with additional coverage on PC Magazine, and ZDNet and many other news outlets.