Meritech Capital Partners: The Brand Name In Late Stage Makes Late The New Early

FINE possesses rare talent. They demonstrated a knack for discerning the unique qualities of a firm and translating those into graphic design and a written voice that conveys just what we wanted, but on our own could never have accomplished with such precision. Craig Sherman, Managing Director

Meritech Capital focuses on “late stage” investment and boasts one of the most prolific and successful track records of any company of their kind. But you won’t find them boasting. Instead, they venture into new ground with a personality-rich website that shows they take their work seriously, but not themselves. It’s just the message that entrepreneurs need to hear.

The Meritech brand comes to life approachably in both content voice and design. Self-deprecating humor reinforces their point that entrepreneurs come first, while a bright color palette and large type break from typical banker form. But their investment success stories, arranged in a CMS-managed portfolio, deliver the core point that all that personality just makes the accomplishment seem more easily attained.

Look for the small details, like clever randomized quotes in the lower footer that push personality, deliver the message, and call to action all at once. Partner bio pages are graphically rich and approachable, with the substantial educational and professional facts headlined by quirky personality traits and quotes.

The overall effect separates Meritech from the VC pack, and from many common perceptions of their industry. It’s an experience that leads entrepreneurs not just to want work with Meritech, but to want to hang out with them during the years of hard work it takes to achieve success.