BAR Architects: Still Setting A High Bar For Architecture Websites


YOY Increase In Unique Visits: +71%


Praises and accolades still roll in from so many fronts - clients, potential employees, consultants, vendors and on and on. Working with our committee of architects must have been a challenge - but you exceeded our expectations! You gave us everything we desired and we had a blast working with you! Linda Crouse, Associate Principal, BAR Architects

BAR Architects is perhaps one of the most decorated design architecture firms in the Bay Area, and their website is perhaps one of the most awarded in their industry.

The website relaunch was part of a comprehensive brand repositioning effort concurrent with the departure of the firm’s founders.

BAR wanted the site to put the work forward and let it speak for itself, and for the firm. The portfolio of stunning custom homes the star.

Black and white imagery (photography by FINE) in the non-portfolio area gives a timeless, elegant feel while allowing the color in the work to come to the fore.

Multiple perspectives of the partners in the site communicate depth of personality and approachability.

Behind the scenes, BAR’s site and CMS includes a password-protected customized tour and tailored portfolio.

Among the numerous awards this site has won are the CommArts Pick, and first place nationally in the Society of Marketing Professional Services award.